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Provide your own artwork or choose from our catalog of fine artists for promotional graphics on surfboards. Almost any image can be made into a laminate and fit any size and shape of board.

These laminates are vibrant full color and will last years in the sun. Just send us a high quality Ai, EPS, PDF or high quality JPEG and we will re-produce your design onto a proprietary fabric using our exclusive process to produce graphics that can be laminated onto a surfboard. When properly applied, it produces more vibrantly colored details and a durable, fully rideable piece of personal art.

Our process provides photographic detail unmatched on other cloths. It is produced using UV resistant inks, allowing the board to be used in the sun without fading. The photocloth is applied during the glassing process. It is not a sticker or surface decal.The fabric will “clear out” when the resin is applied leaving an amazingly detailed work of art on your board! Designs can be up to 36″ wide and are charged by the linear foot.

We also work with some of the best Shapers in Hawaii and California to offer creative fully customized surfboards for marketing and promotion and even actually surfing. Questions about how to order or personalize a surf laminates and surfboards are welcomed and we are here to help.


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  • HD High Quality Print
  • Full Board Lams
  • Rice paper Inlays
  • Tail/Rail Patches
  • Artwork Reproductions
  • Corporate Logos
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  • Deck Patches
  • Full Color Prints
  • Custom Sizes
  • Art Surfboards
  • Wall Hangers
  • Much More…