Imprint Methods

Promotional products must represent a company well, and low-key traditional items just won’t cut it anymore. For decades, our mission has been to empower customers to share their message and create lasting impressions. Gaining us the trust of marketing and advertising leaders, our innovative products revolve around the needs of our customers. We’ve worked hard to provide affordable high quality printed items, easy online design tools, as well as a respectful and integral employee environment to satisfy the needs of a happy client base. Today, Made In Hawaii  is one of the largest suppliers of promotional products in the islands.

Souvenir printing is a popular way for online casinos to advertise. By printing souvenirs with the casino’s logo, players are more likely to remember the casino when they are looking for a place to gamble. Souvenir printing can be done on a variety of items, such as t-shirts, mugs, and keychains. This type of advertising is especially effective when the souvenirs are given away for free.

Players appreciate receiving freebies from their favorite online casinos especcialy if we speak about kyc gambling system, and they are more likely to return to the casino if they have a physical reminder of it. Therefore, souvenir printing is an important marketing tool for online casinos. Souvenir printing is a great way for online casinos to promote their business. With souvenirs, they can reach a wider audience and attract new customers.


Screen Printing

A technology that allows for better accuracy when it comes to matching our ink to your graphic needs, screen printing is best for designs that require an intense vibrancy and larger area of impression. A thick coat of ink is applied to silks that have been preloaded with your digitized design, and transferred onto the item one color at a time. Its versatility lets us scale down to small items like pens, and can be used on a wide range of materials that include textiles, plastic and other synthetics.


To ensure the most precise stitching, in embroidery your design is first digitized then accurately sewn at an average rate of 10,000 stitches per design. Ideal for team shirts, work and school uniforms, embroidery allows for up to 16 thread colors per design to account for shading and logo complexity. We inspect each item for stray threads to ensure a clear professional finish.

Pad Printing


Pad printing is ideal for three-dimensional or irregularly shaped objects such as stress balls, keychains, plastic sports bottles and travel mugs. The pad method easily and effectively transfers 2-D images to cylindrical, textured, and curved surfaces that would otherwise be difficult to customize.



Decals allow us to transfer full color logos onto a variety of smooth surfaces. We offer up to 16 colors per decal, and can print special colors if required. Colors are prepared to match the Pantone Color Chart, applied by hand to glass or ceramic products, and then hardened under a UV light when applied to sports bottles and travel mugs to ensure a nice clean finish. The results of our decal printing on ceramics and glass are long lasting, and bring your artwork to life with stunning quality.

Digital Direct to Garment


A method that allows us to print directly on apparel items without the use of silks, in this process the piece is loaded onto a printing slab where it receives your logo, then cured using heat and applying pressure. This printing method is more commonly used on t-shirts and tote bags.



For full color images like scenic and family photos we turn to the process of sublimation. Known for its accuracy, this method is most widely used on products like mouse pads and ceramic mugs. Using ink that never enters a liquid state, your design is printed on a special dye sub paper then directly applied to the product. A heat press and pressure finishes off the application for a long-lasting and flawless appearance.

Digital Foil Transfer

For soft plastic water bottles and pens that require a full color logo design, we employ the digital foil transfer application method. First, we have your artwork printed onto a film roll, and later applied to the product with high intensity heat and pressure. The greatest advantage of this method is that there is no vignetting of the artwork, or distortion in the corners of the image.

Digital UV Printing


One of the fastest customization processes in the industry, digital UV printing uses ultraviolet lights to dry and cure ink as it is printed. It can process high quality images in a matter of seconds, and it’s used on products like water bottles and acrylic tumblers. This technology allows us to substantially cut production time, and improve the printing details on your final product.

Laser Engraving


For orders that require a timeless customization we recommend any one of our laser engraving methods. Best for non-transparent items, the fast pulsating laser light of the YAG method takes away material from the product and leaves behind a sleek permanent mark. The laser CO2 method on the other hand, emits a continuous infrared light for a permanent mark on glass items.

Heat Transfer


More commonly used on textile items, heat Transfer lets us achieve a full color process, optimal ink coverage, and clear crisp lines on intricate designs. The artwork is printed in reverse on a release paper, then placed against the desired area and subjected to high temperature and pressure. When the item has cooled, the release paper is peeled away to reveal the image.


For professional and discrete designs on leather, faux leather, and other synthetics we turn to the process of Debossing. This method creates recessed relief designs with Zinc plates that are first molded with your artwork, then loaded into our press machine and applied at 200 degrees of heat and extreme pressure onto the products. The final result is sleek, long lasting and elegant.